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Used my Garden Groom Midi for the first time today. Still wondering where it has been all my life. The most amazing piece of garden equipment I've ever used.

Dennis Birdsall, Florida

The Garden Groom is by far the most advanced marvel in hedge trimming machines that I have ever found available. It is very easy to use very balanced and light allowing a person to trim without feeling totally exhausted. The collector system and bag collector is an added bonus the clippings are cut so fine they take up much less room in the composter. The Garden groom is also the safest trimmer I have ever used I feel it is virtually impossible to get hurt or destroy anything using this system. As a purchaser of this fine hedge trimmer I wish to conclude that my hat is off to you for inventing such a remarkable garden tool. Thank you so very much!

M & R Kierstead - New Brunswick, Canada

I LOVE IT.... my front shrubs have never looked better & the no raking part is the best. Thank you.

Dave Lewis, East Hampton, CT, USA.

I have just purchased your Garden Groom Pro, I can't believe what a great product it is. I have a climbing fig and ivy on my six foot boundary fences, I have just completed the fences with your Garden Groom Pro in three hours, next to no clean up and all waste fitted in the recycle bin. (No drive to the tip and no tipping fees.)

The fences have never looked so neat and well groomed. This is the most user friendly and useful appliance I have ever purchased. It does the job professionally, quicker than any other appliance I have used and I'm recommending it to all my neighbours, friends and anyone who'll listen to me, as I'm so "right chuffed".

Maurie Hopwood, NSW, AUSTRALIA.

I have just puchased a Garden Groom Midi and tried it out today. What a marvelous tool, did its job perfectly and with hardly any clearing up afterwards. Well done Mr Wilson, a brilliant idea.

Nicholas Smith, Leigh on Sea

After seeing the Garden Groom Midi on "I Want That," I asked for one for Christmas (as I HATE raking up clippings). I could not wait to try it. So on a snow free day, I got out the Midi out to see if would really work as advertised. It does - It is so COOL! I was pleased that I got the lighter weight unit for ease of (my) use. Thank you Garden Groom for turning a dreaded chore into fun.

B Gunderson, Neenah, WI USA

First of all I am so pleased with the Garden Groom. It used to take me at least 2 days to prune my boxwood hedges and then another full day to clean up the residue. This makes the work more even - much faster and no clean up. What a joy.

I have found another use for the Garden Pro. Cutting back my pachysandra. I cannot use a mower because of my sprinkler heads. Also the difficulty of picking up the cut pieces out of the bed. This was a dream. No cut sprinkler heads -- no itty bitty pieces to pick out of the bed.

Thank you for a wonderful product.

CB - Oyster Bay, New York

I was given the Garden Groom Midi to test through the National Gardening Club. I found it to be everything your video and literature said it would be. I used it on some overgrown arborvitae with good results. I especially liked the mulch that came as a by-product. The shrubs look ever so much better. I really enjoyed using it and know that it will become a valued member of my tool shed.

Jean Vose, Nobleboro, ME, USA

I just wanted to say I am quite happy with the Garden Groom Midi. It trimmed my hedges as advertised and there was no raking when I was done. I slid the container off and I was impressed how well it mulched the clippings. Great Product!

J Nutter, USA

The product is great and lives up to what you say. It grooms the hedge fantastically. Thanks.

David Williams, Middlesex, UK

I have had my Garden Groom since they were first advertisied and it is the best thing since sliced bread, the only thing better is if someone cut my hedge for me.

Geoff, Chesterfield, UK

“This is our second purchase of a Groom. While I was using the Maxi Groom (on our long run of conifers) my wife was always wanting to assist me. Today we have taken delivery of the Midi Groom, now the long/tall and the short of our garden has been shared, thank you from two well satisfied customers.”

Mr and Mrs Bagnall, Huddersfield, UK.

"The Garden Groom was delivered at lunchtime and by four pm I had trimmed two very large hedges, which would normally take me two days to cut and remove the clippings. With your machine it was a fraction of the normal effort. This is an unsolicited testimonial for an excellent device, which was delivered as promised and has produced a performance at least equal to your advertisement. I am certainly a satisfied customer".

Thank you.

Mr Gordon Dennison, UK

"May I say what a pleasure it was to use the Garden Groom for my hawthorn hedge…… scratched arms or thorns when collecting up lots of spiked bits".

Mr Alan Nelson, UK

"Garden Groom is the best hedge trimmer on the market, I got my Garden Groom last July and have been thoroughly pleased with it. It is heads and shoulders above any other trimmer out there. It will save you from hours of back ache too as you don't need to bend down to constantly pick up debris. I can't wait for other products from Garden Groom".

Malcolm Wain, Ohio, USA

"I am sure that my hedges are similar to the majority of most peoples in that there are plants and bushes underneath them, onto which the hedge cuttings fall. Collecting up the cuttings from these areas has always been the most time consuming part of hedge cutting for me, and when I saw this product I thought it would solve this problem. It has certainly done that. When you consider the time to collect cuttings with a conventional hedge trimmer, it is infinitely faster with the Garden Groom".

Mr Mike Selway, UK

"I would like to say that I think the Garden Groom is a great tool and I like the way it mulches the shorn hedge parts so well. Well done on a great invention".

Mr Glenn Sweeney, UK

"I purchased a Garden Groom in September 2004 and am very impressed with the product".

Mrs Ann Ingram, UK

"The result is excellent and has never looked so well "groom"ed in the 35 years they have been planted………very satisfied and already recommended".

Mr Laurie G Brunger, UK

If you would like to send us your thoughts on any of our products, or photos of your groomed hedges, please click here.


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