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One of the biggest problems for gardeners throughout the world is the containment and disposal of hedge clippings.

Cleaning up the debris from a traditional hedge trimmer is a time-consuming chore. In addition, hedge trimmers typically have an exposed blade, seen as a safety risk by many consumers.

The Garden Groom is different, find out more below.

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The truly unique Garden Groom Trimmer range has taken the global gardening world by storm and provided garden enthusiasts with safe collecting trimmers that save time, as they eliminates clean up.

The Garden Groom range not only cut and trim a wide variety and depth of hedge, but shred and deposit waste into their unique collection units.

This shredding action reduces the waste volume by 10:1, making disposal a far simpler task, especially when cutting thorny or spiky growth. This also promotes a much healthier hedge as the dead waste is not left in the hedge.


In developing the solution, Garden Groom placed safety as a major priority. The Garden Grooms patented handle design, requires two handed operation (for Midi, Pro and Versa Trim) in order to activate the unit.

The concealed blade virtually eliminates the fear factor that many gardeners face when using conventional hedge trimmers, as well as the accidental cutting of the mains cable.


The Garden Groom has a unique collecting system which makes the chore of hedge trimming far simpler. As you cut, none of the waste is left on the floor, thus saving you time and effort. This once laborious task now enables you to spend more time enjoying your garden instead of working in it!


The shredding action reduces the waste by 10:1, making disposal of the clippings far easier. The shredded clippings are also ideal for mulch or composting.


Garden Groom is the world¹s only collecting hedge trimmer that has a completely concealed blade. This feature virtually eliminates the risk of cutting the mains cable and significantly reduces the danger of personal injury. Consequently, this eliminates the fear factor that many gardeners face when using a conventional hedge trimmer.


A volume collection bag is provided for work on larger hedge runs. It holds 10 times more waste than the onboard container, significantly reducing the emptying frequency.


The Garden Groom is environmentally friendly in a number of ways:

  • The shredding action reduces the clippings by 10:1, therefore reducing the number of refuse bags required to dispose of the waste.
  • The clippings are ideal as mulch or for composting. Clippings from conventional hedge trimmers usually cannot be used due to the length of time it takes for them to decompose.

The Garden Groom promotes an overall healthier hedge as the dead waste is not left in the hedge.