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Medium/heavy duty collecting hedge trimmer

  • Saves time - Eliminates clean up
  • Ultra Lightweight - Now only 3.5Kg
  • Powerful 500W motor
  • Ideal for trimming and shaping
  • Shredding action reduces waste 10:1
  • Concealed blade
  • Two handed operation for added safety


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  • Cuts, shreds and collects clippings
  • Lightweight – Now only 3.5Kg (7.7lbs)
  • Versatile
  • Safer - no exposed blade
  • Powerful – Now with 500W motor
  • Ideal for large hedge runs
  • Complete with volume collector bag
  • Saves Time (No clippings to pick up)
  • Ideal for mulching and composting
  • Multi award winner


  • Motor Size: 500W
  • Power: 230V~50Hz / 120V~60Hz
  • Weight: 3.5Kg (7.7lbs)
  • RPM: 2900 rpm
  • Cutting Diameter: 20mm (0.8”)
  • Head Diameter:305mm (12”)
  • On board container – 6 litre capacity
  • Inc volume collector bag – 60 litre capacity
  • Includes Demonstration CD
  • Dimensions: L-700mm H-255mm W-305mm (L-27.5” H-10” W-12”)


Garden Groom Pro electric hedge trimmer

The Garden Groom Pro electric hedge trimmer offers a tempting alternative to standard hedge trimmers. The Pro uses a 11.4-inch-diameter cutting head to trim greenery, and it cleans up after itself.

The Garden Groom Pro's 500-watt electric motor powers its concealed blade. That blade cuts up to 0.6-inch-diameter branches, shreds them and collects the debris. After shredding and reducing the waste to 10:1, it is deposited into the collection unit or alternately into the volume collection bag.

Expert Rating: 5

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New improved version of the original Garden Groom. The Pro has been developed for larger denser hedge areas, now with a powerful 500W motor, giving an improved cutting performance of up to 20mm (0.8”). It is also lighter – 3.5Kg (7.7lbs), making it far easier to handle and manoeuvre.


For information on operating the Garden Groom "Pro" and the Volume Bag attachment download one of our instruction manuals below.

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We now have a channel on YouTube.

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"First of all I am so pleased with the Garden Groom. It used to take me at least 2 days to prune my boxwood hedges and then another full day to clean up the residue. This makes the work more even - much faster and no clean up. What a joy.

I have found another use for the Garden Pro. Cutting back my pachysandra. I cannot use a mower because of my sprinkler heads. Also the difficulty of picking up the cut pieces out of the bed. This was a dream. No cut sprinkler heads -- no itty bitty pieces to pick out of the bed.

Thank you for a wonderful product."

CB - Oyster Bay, New York

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