Q: Can I cut wet growth?

Do not cut wet or damp growth, as this will block the exhaust

Q: How can I prevent blockage?

Do not overfill the bag, when using the Versa Trim observe through the top of the bag the exhaust is clear of waste material build up.

Q: Will it cut a large lawn?

The Versa Trim has been designed essentially to trim around the edges of lawns or small patches of lawn, it is not a lawnmower and because of its small head it would take longer to trim large surfaces, it is down to the patience of the user.

Q: Will it cut the edge of any lawn?

Yes, but for the best results cut a well defined edge with a gulley 75mm deep. It cuts the edge of lawns superbly with virtually no waste dropping in the flower bed. This unique feature of collecting the waste is unlike any other edger.

The head can be adjusted for left or right hand users.

Q: Are the wheels difficult to attach?

No, simply slide them under the body and clip in position, this only takes a few seconds, in fact configuring the Versa in any mode of operation only takes a short time.

Q: How can it cut a flat surface and the edge?

The head can be rotated through 180 degrees by simply operating a catch.

Q: Is it awkward cutting the side of hedges?

No, the head can be adjusted to 45 degrees which makes it very comfortable to use.

Q: Can the Versa Trim be used on small low hedges?

Yes, this is one of the major unique advantages of the Versa trim over other hedge trimmers; it is particularly useful for small hedge trimming. The extension handle enables the user to stand upright whilst the head can be moved over the surface of the small hedge and then by adjusting the head to 90 degrees the side of the hedge can be trimmed. Of course, throughout the operation the waste clippings are collected in the bag so no mess to clear up.

Q: Can the Versa Trim trim round shapes?

Yes, it is very able and it’s particularly easy for the novice to produce a pleasing result as the flat rotary head acts as a guide and prevents large clumps being removed.