Q: How long do I need to charge the machine?

Charge time is approx - 5 hours

Q: How long will the machine run for?

Generally (on standard length growth) the running time for Garden Barber is 30-35 mins approx.

Q. What are the lights on the back off the machine?

They are Indicator lights: Red = Charging, Green = Fully Charged, Amber = Low Charge (approx 3 mins remaining)

Q: Is the Garden Barber only intended for small bushes

The small head is specifically designed for topiary and cutting intricate shapes, however it will cut larger bushes it just takes a little longer but as it collects the waste, therefore no clean up so overall it saves time.

Q: Can the Garden Barber trim shapes on wire frames?

Yes, the flat static blade is of particular benefit in this regard as it acts as a guide over the surface helping to avoid cutting the wire, where as with conventional hedge trimmers there is a high risk of damage.

Q: Is the Garden Barber difficult to hold with one hand?

No, the Garden Barber is reasonably lightweight, however there is an auxiliary handle that can be attached to the top which enables two handed operation.

Q: How is the bag carried?

The bag strap is dual purpose; it can either be worn over the shoulder or around the waist.

Q: Can the Garden Barber be stored in a shed with other garden equipment?

Yes, providing it is dry. Simply clean the head with a damp cloth ensure the bag and hose are clear of all waste, then place the Garden Barber in the bag with the excess hose and carefully zip the bag shut taking care not to catch the hose with the zip and hang up out of the reach of children.

Q: Can the Garden Barber cut long overgrown stalks?

Yes by dabbing down on the stalks the shape can be formed, then for final trimming a stroking action over the surface will perfect the shape.

Q: Is the bag easy to empty?

Just simply unzip the side flap and empty the mulch on to the compost or receptacle.

Q: If I need to unblock or investigate the blade area, what should I do ?

Detach head from main body and inspect.